A wide and comfortable grip with hollow bottom are the reasons why EDGE Elite Competition Kettlebell is one of the best training equipment. EDGE Hollow Ketttlebell is multi functional and able to perform in many full-body training. 

Elite Competition Kettlebell

    each weight has an individual mold to cast precisely to the correct weight.traditional competition kettlebells are made with ONE mold and filled with fillers like saw dust and ball bearings to achieve desired weight, this leads to imprecision in weight and contents shifting during lifts

    cast as one solid piece instead of welding parts.WINDOW, size and curvature compared to other models is designed for easier insertion with comfort overhead and in the rack position during lifts. More comfort and easier insertion equal better workouts and new personal records in strength, endurance and competitions. traditional kettlebells are made with welding the handles, bodies or bottom, this makes kettlebells break easy

    other unfilled kettlebells contain a welded rod in the middle that vibrates with any contact to other objects making it distracting to lift. Ours do not contain this rod on the inside of the kettlebell. 

    35MM Handles